Concrete Options

When you want freshly mixed metered concrete at your location, call Maddox Concrete Company, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware.  We offer many types of concrete, including exposed aggregate, pervious concrete, pumpable concrete, grout mix, and flowable fill.  We also sell concrete sand, 1/2" pea gravel, 3/4" clean, crushed stone, and 4" expansion joints.

Hydraulic Telescoping Chutes

Our hydraulic telescoping chutes are an advantage over the ordinary rear manual, discharge chutes. Our mixer operator can place the concrete where the customer wants it without the need for a "chute man".  Our chutes can swing 180 degrees and telescope out an additional 6' for a total reach of 18' 6".  These chutes reduce the amount of wheelbarrowing, raking, and manual labor associated with concrete placement.


Here are some of the additives that we can add to our concrete mix designs:
• 1%, 2%, and 3% Calcium Chloride and/or Non-Calcium Chloride
• Fiber Mesh, Increases resistance to plastic shrinkage during curing
• 4" Expansion Joint - Available on Our Trucks

• Rapid Set
• Plasticizers and Water Reducers
• Hot Water, our trucks have onboard hot water heaters.

• Adding/Reducing the amount of cement to increase/decrease the strength of the concrete.
 Mix Designs from 2,500 to 6,500 PSI Available


Concrete Blocks

We sell concrete blocks in two sizes: 2' x 2' x 4', (2,400 lbs.each) and 2' x 2' x 6', (4,000 lbs. each).  We can also deliver these blocks to you.  These blocks can be used for many things, such as :
• Building Storage Bins for Sand, Stone, Topsoil, Mulch, Etc.

• As Barriers or Roadblocks

• To Build Temporary or Permanent Walls


"The tech delivering the concrete was very professional, and quick. He confirmed with me all the steps needs, ensuring the yard was OK to drive on as well as how to pour the concrete. He also helped me with the manual work from the wheel barrow where needed. He was very polite and and I would highly recommend this company. The price was very fair and the delivery was fast. I scheduled it on a Friday for a Tuesday delivery and the tech was prompt." —Anonymous

Contact us in Wilmington, Delaware, for your concrete.