Mobile Concrete Delivery Service

Ensure your project is a solid success when you choose Maddox Concrete Company, Inc., the mobile metered concrete delivery service company of Wilmington, Delaware.

Volumetric Mixing

We deliver fresh concrete using the volumetric mixing method.  Our concrete trucks store the sand, stone, cement, and water, in separate bins, on the truck.   Once the truck arrives at your jobsite, the ingredients will be mixed and blended by a chain-feed system. A 9" screw auger mixes the dry ingredients with the water to create the concrete.  There is no wasting of materials.  We mix and pour what you need.
Pouring Concrete - Concrete Service

Some of the advantages of using a mobile mixer:

• Fresh Metered Concrete
• Flexible Mix Designs – Able to Change on-Site, in Seconds

• Hydraulic Telescoping Chutes
• Price Based on Quantity, Not on Weight



We can help you calculate how much concrete you need.  To help get you started though, here are some basic calculations for one cubic yard of concrete:

• Fills Approximately 80 Square Feet at a Depth of Four inches
• Fills Approximately 60 Square Feet at a Depth of Six inches
• Fills Approximately 10 Holes that are 12 Inches in Diameter and Three Feet Deep

Delivery Minimum

We have a one-yard minimum for delivery north of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.  There is a two-yard minimum for deliveries south of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Unloading Time and Delivery Printout

Upon delivery, you will have 20 minutes to unload the first yard of concrete.  After that, we allow 10 minutes per yard.  Waiting time is charged at $90.00 per hour.  When the delivery is completed, our drivers will print out a ticket for the amount of concrete poured.

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